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Deep Freediving Instruction

Kristin Kuba freediving
Daniel Koval descending 102m/335ft.
Kristin Kuba Deans blue hole
Daniel Koval ascending 102m/335ft.
Kristin kuba freediving in Hawaii
Kristin Kuba freediving Submarine
Swiiming with dolphins


Take your freediving to the next level, by learning from the best! 


Daniel Koval, 2x World Championships medalist,

6x US national and 2x North American Continental record holder will teach you skills and techniques that helped him become the deepest freediver in North America alongside assistant instructor Kristin Kuba, 4x US national record holder.

To view our monthly course and training schedule click the link the below.


Upcoming Events

  • Level 1 Freediving Course: Instructor Max Countryman
    Level 1 Freediving Course: Instructor Max Countryman
    Sat, Jun 29
    Jun 29, 2024, 8:00 AM – Jun 30, 2024, 2:00 PM
    Honolulu, Honolulu, HI, USA
    Jun 29, 2024, 8:00 AM – Jun 30, 2024, 2:00 PM
    Honolulu, Honolulu, HI, USA
    Discover your natural capabilities to dive up to 20M/66FT underwater on a single breath of air!
NEWS: 9/2019 Daniel Koval wins Bronze medal at Cmas World Championships with a New Continental Record to 108m/355ft CWT.



Junior Freediving Course
The only course in Hawaii for the future freediving generation for teens aging 12-15 years old. This course insures that your child is trained to be a SAFE freediver and is an absolute must for anyone's son/daughter getting into spearfishing, freediving or any other water sport.
Fii level 1 Freediving course


The Fundamentals of Freediving. Beginner to intermediate course for spearos, freedivers, surfers, underwater photographers, or for anyone who would like to experience freediving. Max depth of the course is 20m/66ft.

Fii level 2 Freediving course


Taking your freediving to the next level. This is an advanced course for freedivers and spearos wanting to dive deeper and longer with a max depth of 40m/132ft.

Fii level 3 Freediving course


The most advanced freediving course with NO max depth. Learn all the techniques skills and knowledge to develop your own training programs, concepts and nutrition plans for competitive freediving, or to achieve depths you never thought was possible.

Private Coaching

Freediving is a sport and like all other sports a coach is essential to help you stay motivated, keep you focused and on-track, develop training plans, evaluating performance, progressing through barriers, and most of all making sure you do not injure yourself. Daniel offers monthly private coaching systems customized for divers of all levels.

Private Courses

Do you have a group or are you looking for private instruction from World renown freediver Daniel Koval.

Get the most out of your experience and schedule a private course with the option to have professional underwater photos of your experience.

Training Sessions


If you are already certified we offer private coaching and training sessions on Hawai'i Island and Oahu. To view our training schedule and registered click the link below

Spearfishing Course


Take a spearfishing course from world renowned spearo Daniel Koval as he teaches you information that has helped him compete and place 1st in top spearfishing tournaments in Hawaii.

Interested in purchasing the same equipment Daniel and Kristin use while teaching and for competition? Contact us to receive a 10% discount on all Double K freediving products!




Tel:  808-436-7046


8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Monday - Sunday





Daniel's assistant instructor, Kristin Kuba, is also an accomplished and active competitive freediver. One of the youngest females in US freediving, she has set 4 national records and is diving to depths over 90m/295ft.


 Kristin has an immense passion for the sport and enjoys sharing the world of freediving with others. Freediving has been life changing for her and she believes it can be a healthy addition to anyone's lifestyle.  She aims to help grow the community here in Hawai'i and bring more awareness of the sport in the US. 

The Fii ( Freediving Instructors International) education system that we offer sets the standard in Freediving Safety as we were the first ever freediving education system to be insured. These courses were created and developed by 13x freediving world record holder Martin Stepanek. Daniel Koval, owner of DFI (Deep Freediving Instruction) , is a student of Martin's and has gone on to become the deepest freediver in all of North America diving to depths over 110m/360ft on a single breath of air. Daniel started his freediving school in 2011 and has been making the freediving and spearfishing community safer with each and every course.


Daniel not only teaches freediving at the highest level, but also competes internationally in the most prestige competitions around the world. His dedication to the sport has earned him 6 US National records, 2 North American Continental records, and 2 consecutive years of bronze medals at the CMAS World Championships. With over a decade of experience free diving, Daniel has been able to share his incredible amount of knowledge in the sport to help others progress steadily and most importantly safely. 


The girl behind the lens, Deep Freediving's in house underwater photographer Kristin Kuba, is also available for underwater photo/video hire. 

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