The Double K tailor made SCS smooth skin + closed cell wetsuit is made from the highest quality Yamamoto 45 rubber material to allow the most amount of flexibility, durability, and thermal protection to keep you comfortable for those long dive sessions in the water. The SCS material is a very unique fabric that is coated on the surface of an independent closed cell neoprene with special treatment. The micellar structure of the rubber surface repels water when it comes into contact with air and reduces surface resistance when water is contacted. 


Colors available: Black, Dark Grey, Blue, Red, Green, Royal Gold, Khaki Gold, Silver, Purple

(Please see photos for reference)


Thickness available: 1.5mm / 2mm / 3mm / 5mm / 7mm


Price listed is for single solid colored wetsuit. For custom pattern and color design it is an additional $70


Custom logo is an additional $50

Tailor Made Double K Freediving Suit SCS Smooth Skin + Closed Cell Yamamoto 45