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The Advanced Freediving Safety Course provides attendees with advanced safety training required for instructors, leaders, event safety staff, or where discipline-specific safety protocols are required.


This course lasts one day, starting with a classroom session and moving into the open water for rescue-specific drill training.

FII Advanced Freediving Safety course is for any responsible freediver and/or spearo whom is interested to bring their freediving safety & rescue skills to the next level. Besides incrasing proficiency in basic safety procedures studens will learn additional protocols used for advanced training techniques, challengin environment or various freediving styles, including competitive freediving. 

This course is mandatory for all candidates wishing to enter the Freediving Instructors International (FII) professional programs.


Course Syllabus

  • Understanding and Application of Training Principles

  • Training Techniques and Skills Specific to Freediving Fitness and Performance

  • Dietary Needs of the Freediving Athlete

  • Advanced Breathing and Stretching Exercises

  • Advanced Freediving Technique Development

  • Advanced Safety Techniques for Supervision and Self Rescue (including counter ballast operations)

  • Deep Equalization Techniques


Course Duration: 
1-day course. Minimum 4 hours academics and 3 hours open water training.



Minimum FII Level 1 Freediver or FII Junior Freediver (if applicable) or Waterman Survival EXTENDED certification or equivalent 


Age Requirement:
Participants must be 16 years or older 

Wetsuit, mask, freediving fins, snorkel, weight belt, weights, freediving computer, lanyard. 

Learning Materials: 
FII Advanced Freediving Safety Manual and Workbook

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