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For candidates interested in sharing their passion for freediving with others or to operate independent teaching businesses, instructor examinations are available for all course levels and specialties starting with FII Level 1 Instructor.


Available FII instructor ratings.

Core Instructor Ratings -

  • FII Level 1 Freediving Instructor

  • FII Level 2 Freediving Instructor

  • FII Level 3 Freediving Instructor

Specialty Instructor Ratings -

  • SI - Junior Freediving Instructor

  • SI - Waterman Survival Instructor

  • SI - Basic Freediving Safety Instructor

  • SI - Advanced Freediving Safety Instructor

  • SI - Monofin Instructor

  • SI - Spearfishing Instructor

Course Syllabus

  • Typical instructor course/exam is consisitng of, but it is not limited to:

  • Professional Rating Watermanship & Skill Proficiency

  • Academic and Practical Course Overview

  • Risk Management

  • Academic Teaching Evaluation

  • Practical Teaching Evaluation

  • Scheduling and Marketing

  • Final Multiple Choice or Written Exam


Course Duration: 
Varies for exam level

1. Active teaching status 2. For minimum professional rating required for each exam level refer to FII Course Flow Chart.

Age Requirement:
Minimum 18 years and older

Freediving wetsuit, freediving mask, freediving fins, snorkel, weight belt, weights, freediving computer, waterproof writing slate 

Learning Materials: 
FII Instructor manual and teaching scripts

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