Training Sessions

We offer private coaching and training sessions nearly every day in Kailua Kona on the big island of Hawaii. Whether it is spearfishing, freediving, or underwater exploration the big island of Hawaii offers deep and perfect conditions year round. This is an ideal place to train for spearfishing or freediving competitions and with Daniel Koval's extended experience in both these fields he will be able to coach you to improve your diving drastically.

From beginner to advanced Daniel's ability to dive to any depth within arms reach distance with you allows him to see and hear exactly what is happening on your dive and can help fix common issues quickly and efficiently to help you defeat your barriers. He will provide you with the knowledge to make the absolute quickest, safest progression in your diving. Yes, Daniel can follow you down to over 200+ft, one of the only instructors in the United States that can do this repetitively.

Please contact us directly to set up a training session.

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