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Private Coaching

From the Deepest Freediver in America


"It has taken me several years of reinventing the wheel, countless weeks banging my head against the wall, taking 1 step forward 3 steps backwards, waking up in the middle of the night with new training strategies etc. before finding my true dive. I want to help you find your dive."

After teaching freediving full time since 2010 and competing against the best freedivers in the world, Daniel has developed a passion for coaching freedivers overcome barriers and help them to progress in their freediving over a long period of time.


Freediving is a sport, and like all other sports a coach is essential to help you stay motivated, keep you focused, on-track, develop training plans, evaluating performance, progressing through barriers, and most of all making sure you prevent injuries to yourself mentally and physically.

No matter the age, there is a passion that drives us to reach deeper depths or discover more about ourselves. Daniel wants to help you achieve your goals no matter how big or small.


In 2012, after taking all of the FII courses, Daniel still had a difficult time processing the information that he had learned and applying it to his diving. Daniel had to reinvent the wheel to his diving along with 13 time world record holder Martin Stepanek who helped him periodically over several years. Deep diving was not an easy road for Daniel as he had to overcome just about every barrier there is in freediving. With consistent dedication and developing in his training plans he went on to become the deepest freediver in America holding the US National Records in the disciplines CWT 108m, FIM 101m and CWT with Bi-fins 95m.

Private Coaching Includes:

  • Consultation

  • Skype sessions or personal meeting per month to discuss training

  • Monthly evaluation and written training plan, the training plan will be based on availability of pool, depth or dry training to keep the best consistent progress depending on type of environment.

  • Evaluation of progress from monthly training plan. Each plan is customized to each individual as there are no two divers that dive exactly the same.

  • Coaching is not only for the competitive athlete it is also for anyone who would like to progress in freediving as this is not only a sport but a lifestyle.

2019 CMAS World Championships- Daniel receives bronze medal for his record breaking Constant weight dive to 108m/354ft.

Please contact Daniel for monthly and weekly training plans to take your freediving to another level.

Click Here to Contact or Call (808)436-7047

To have a consultation.

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