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The Spearfishing course is for all levels even advanced depending on your freediving experience. The course was made by DFI's owner Daniel Koval from his tried and true techniques that he used to make Beuchat's international spearfishing team, rated as one of the world's most prestigious spearfishing teams. The  information he shares led him to win spearfishing tournaments in the Hawaiian islands against some of the toughest competitors.

In this course you will learn:


  • Spearfishing at deeper depths for deep reef

  • Deep Spearfishing safety and rescue techniques

  • Strategizing your dives depending on tides, currents, wave, and wind conditions

  • Rigging for deep spearfishing

  • Deep Hunting and stalking stratagies

  • Local Fish species and how to hunt them

  • Gun safety and rigging



Depth limitations: Depends on level of freediving certification.


Requirements:  18 years of age, Certification of FII Level 1 freediver or higher.

Equipement required: Mask, snorkel, fins, wetsuit, weights, weightbelt, gloves, freedive watch, and speargun.


This workshop is for certified freedivers only. If you are not a certified freediver please check out our freediving courses.


Please contact us directly for spearfishing course.

These courses are mostly private and tailored to the diver's experience level.

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