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Daniel Koval and Kristin Kuba featured in promo video for opening of the deepest pool in the world!

The deepest pool in the world has officially been announced and opened to the public! Deep Dive Dubai located in the stunning city of Dubai in the UAE is now available for anyone to book a visit and dive in the amazing structure surrounding the 60m/198ft of depth available in this indoor pool. What makes this attraction even more impressive is it's custom built underwater sunken city which displays a sort of post apocalyptic theme. There are all sorts of interactive props in various rooms through the depths of this pool such as luxury cars, a pool table, weight room, and so much more creating endless underwater photo and video opportunities.

Lead instructor, Daniel Koval, and assistant instructor, Kristin Kuba, were invited to help film promotional footage for the grand announcement and opening of the pool to the world which was promoted on the crown prince of Dubai's social media page.

They had filmed a sneak preview video to give viewers a taste of what was opening in Dubai this past summer as there has never been an official announcement of the existence of this pool.

You can find more promotional photos and videos from this amazing pool on Kristin and Daniel's personal social media pages IG @kristinkuba @deepfreediving

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